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Welcome to BBC Reptiles and thank you for your interest in our website. We are reputable breeders of captive bred Ball Pythons, Boa Constrictors, Dwarf Boa Constrictors and Corn Snakes. Our breeding projects are quite diversified and we specialize in many different and beautiful exotic snake morphs.

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Ball Pythons - Boa Constrictors - Corn Snakes

Are our primary focuses for breeding projects. We will also be doing some Western Hog Nose breeding projects in the near future. We have a wide variety of exotic morphs in our breeding stock for all species. With over eighty snakes in our collection we have the ability to create that special exotic ball python, boa constrictor or corn snake morph that you are looking for.

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Some specific ball python morphs that we work with are bumblebee, lemon pastel, pied ball, cinnamon, spider, pinstripe, mojave, vanilla, enchi, lesser platinum, orange ghost and albino ball pythons just to name a few.

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Our Columbian boa constrictors are also a well-diversified stock including albino, sunglow, moonglow, anery and snow; to name a few of our Columbian exotic snake morphs. We also specialize in dwarf boas with Nicaraguan, caramel T+ Nicaraguan and het caramel T+ Nicaraguans in our stock. Another specialty dwarf boa breeding project that is one of my absolute favorites is the Bolivian amarali. We work with Joe Terry/silverback bloodlines. The Bolivian amarali are absolutely gorgeous and you don’t see them too often. You can see pictures on the boa page.

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Presently we have 6 corn snake clutches in the incubator and first hatchlings are due the begining of July. The 2011 breeding season is going well and we should have a very nice selection of corn snake morphs for you this year. More eggs still to come

Our corn snake breeding stock is absolutely magnificent with many of our corn snakes being from the Serpenco bloodline. We plan several breeding projects each year so that we may offer our customers a diversified selection of corn snake morphs. Blood red corns, snow, butter, butter stripe, charcoal, ultramel, lavender, hypo lavender, plasma, hypo, caramel, amber, caramel motley and the list goes on and on. We also do several collaborative breeding projects with another very reputable breeder (Stellar Serpents). Between us we offer one of the largest selections of corn snake morphs in the New England area. If you are a corn snake enthusiast, please take a moment to check out the available corn snake page. We generally have from babies to sub adult corn snakes for sale as well as adult corn snakes upon occasion. Check out the available corn snake page frequently as it is updated often with new snakes.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our number one priority is healthy captive bred snakes and 100% customer satisfaction. That being said, we encourage you to become one of our valued customers. Take some time and slither into our website to learn more about the care of exotic snakes and reptiles and view our available snakes. You won’t regret it, I promise. You can learn more about BBC Reptiles on the about us page. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries. Enjoy!

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About BBC Reptiles – Exotic Snakes And Reptiles For Sale is owned and operated by Mark and Susan Covell. Mark and Sue are located in a quiet country setting in Milton, NH.
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Please be patient as we are just getting started on building this site. There will be lots more to come in the next few months, so check back often. Please feel free to contact us about available snakes for sale.

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