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About BBC Reptiles – Exotic Snakes And Reptiles For Sale is owned and operated by Mark and Susan Covell. Mark and Sue are located in a quiet country setting in Milton, New Hampshire. On this page you can learn a little more about BBC Reptiles and us.

It is truly amazing the impact that a 10-inch corn snake and a red foot tortoise can make on ones life. That is where it all started. Mark was always interested in reptiles but never owned one until a little over 2 years ago. The same holds true for Sue but one of her passions was turtles and tortoises. So Mark went and purchased a corn snake and Sue purchased a red foot tortoise. Well owning that first corn snake was like having a bag of potato chips, 0h my God you can’t have just one. Mark purchased another snake, which was a lemon pastel ball python this time around. Sue started to really become attached to the corn snake so naturally she had to go and by a few more. I think they were a hypo lavender corn snake and a caramel stripe corn snake. Now we have over 80 snakes in our collection, between ball pythons, boa constrictors, dwarf boa constrictors, corn snakes and Western hognose snakes. This was the birth of BBC Reptiles.

Our snakes and reptiles are our passion and we love sharing that passion with other reptile enthusiast. With our breeding projects we are able to offer other reptile lovers quality captive bred snakes and reptiles. Our collection is housed in the best of conditions, which render to very healthy animals. Purchasing a snake or reptile from BBC you can rest assured that it is a healthy quality animal. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we have a reputation, which offers you exactly that.

We are not into the quick sale, we are hear to provide answers to your questions in regard to your purchase prior to the sale as well as any questions you may have after the sale. We want you and your snake or reptile to be happy. We look forward to earning your business and helping you grow your collection of snakes and reptiles. If you’re just getting ready to purchase your first snake or are an avid collector or breeder we look forward to doing business with each and every one of you. Our commitment is to our customers so please feel free to contact us by phone or email us at any time. Keep an eye out for us at the New England Reptile Shows as well to speak with us in person. We hope you have learned a little more about BBC Reptiles and that you will consider us for your next ball python, boa constrictor or corn snake purchase. We look forward to doing business with you.

Mark & Sue Covell

BBC Reptiles

Exotic Snakes And Reptiles For Sale

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Please be patient as we are just getting started on building this site. There will be lots more to come in the next few months, so check back often. Please feel free to contact us about available snakes for sale.

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